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sisal rug macro Natural fiber floor coverings made from sisal and sea grass are gaining popularity for their versatility and durable good looks.  These beautiful materials can look equally at home in a seaside cottage or an urban, contemporary condo.

Both sisal and sea grass are plant-based fibers.  Sisal yarn is spun from agave fibers, while sea grass is harvested from a variety of tropical marsh plants.  Sisal's clean, smooth weave can be dyed many different colors, making it popular among interior decorators.  From a practical standpoint, it is also durable and resistant to both static electricity and fire.  Sea grass is slightly cheaper, but also more stain-resistant.  Rugs made from this material usually retain the slight sheen and natural, earthy tones of the sea grass.

Other materials, such as wool and paper, are often blended into these woven rugs.  Adding wool makes for a softer rug that lends itself to playrooms or recreation rooms, where stretching out on the floor is the norm.  Wool also increases a rug's moisture resistance.  Paper blends are very durable, retaining their strength and shine for a long time.

sea grass rug macro Sisal and sea grass can be installed as wall-to-wall floor coverings; they can be cut to fit around fireplaces and awkward corners.  The fibers are also commonly used in area rugs with fabric or leather bindings in a variety of colors.  Because of their durability, natural fiber rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas such as foyers and family rooms.  Natural fibers are barefoot-friendly, but may not be comfortable enough for lounging on the floor.  Also, avoid using them on stairs, as they can be slippery.  They are also not a good choice for bathrooms, laundries, or other damp areas, as mold and water stains can develop in these conditions.

Care of sisal and sea grass floor coverings is fairly straightforward.  Frequent vacuuming will prevent dirt and dust from becoming ingrained in the weave.  Steam cleaning or other methods that involve water saturation should not be used.  Spills can be cleaned up by dampening a cloth with club soda and blotting the area.  After cleaning, any moisture should be dried up with a fan or hair dryer to avoid watermarks and mold.

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Sisal Rugs - Sea Grass Rugs