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eMarketingEye launches ‘Sri Lanka Stay Safe’

18 March 2020

As an effort of a responsible corporate citizen, eMarketingEye launched ‘Sri Lanka Stay Safe’, a website with the aim to empower individuals on how to mitigate the threat by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Offering an easy-to-refer compilation of useful information we aim to increase awareness to the general public on the current situation in Sri Lanka.


All you need to know in one place

Stay updated and read up on the most important information on COVID-19. Sourced from official local and international bodies like World Health Organization (WHO), Health Promotion Bureau, Department of Government Information – Sri Lanka etc, providing you with the most accurate, verified and updated information. This website covers on crucial and helpful segments such as Symptoms, Prevention, FAQs, Latest News and Updates.





What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Belonging to a large family of viruses causing illnesses in both humans and animals – Coronavirus was recently discovered to cause the infectious disease known as COVID-19. Affecting countries worldwide, the outbreak of the disease began in Wuhan – China in December 2019. This virus is known to cause respiratory infections with symptoms ranging from the common cold and cough to fever and was deemed a pandemic by WHO on Mar 12th, 2020.

Let us all join together for the common good and safety of our people –  we can and will get through this!

Stay Informed, Responsible and Safe