eMarketingEye developed the Official Website for Sri Lanka’s Response to COVID-19

28 April 2020

Doing our part right, eMarketingEye developed – the official website for Sri Lanka’s response to COVID-19 together with the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka and in collaboration with key government institutions.

The trilingual website has been developed following the unprecedented measures that have been put into place due to the spreading global pandemic, COVID-19. The main objective was to provide verified and useful information to the public through reliable sources that are accredited by the government of Sri Lanka. This website features all the up-to-date official news, alerts and statistics as well as essential information including medical advice and guidelines, quarantine and testing details and much more.

A number of key organisations and government institutions were involved in this initiative; the Presidential Secretariat, Health Promotion Bureau, National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Department of Government Information, Ministry of Defence and the Sri Lanka Army.

The information and the data presented on this website will be consistently sourced from different government institutions and other relevant responsible parties, connected through their APIs. The goal is to make this an information hub where the public can seamlessly find all the relevant information and verified local and global news regarding COVID -19, on one website.

Furthermore, this website is not only limited to health-related statistics and it also contains information that citizens or interested parties will find useful during these times: such aspects include the economy, imports & exports, tourism, transport, news for expats, the distribution of essential items, social welfare, law & order, defence and education.

eMarketingEye is proud to have provided the technological support in making this project successful.


Visit now – stay informed and stay safe!